Selecting Your Builder Of Choice

Building a home is exciting. For some families it means a fresh start, for others a new chapter in their life, but for every new homeowner it’s the chance to own a piece of he American dream. We understand that selecting a homebuilder is a big decision. Often times, prospective homeowners aren’t quite sure where to start when evaluating homebuilders. So over the years we’ve developed a checklist to help make the evaluation easier. Buying a home is quite possibly the largest investment most of us will make in a lifetime. Which is why we encourage our clients to do their homework, consider the options, and by all means shop other homebuilders.

Here are some key questions to consider when selecting a homebuilder. 

  1. Longevity. How long has the builder been in business?

  2. Customer Care. Does the builder have an in-house customer service department? Has the builder been recognized with awards in customer service?

  3. Energy Efficient. How does the builder stack up in terms of energy efficient construction? (i.e. low VOC paints, humidity control, insulation, window wrap, 95% efficient furnace, self healing flashing around windows, Low E windows with UV coating, energy star appliances, low flo toilets…and the list goes on.)

  4. Healthy Home. Does the builder construct a healthy home? (i.e. programmable thermostat, covered ducts during construction, mastic sealed duct work, low VOC paints, humidity sensing fans, electronic ignition heater)

  5. Durability and Maintenance. How durable are the products that go into building the home? Ask about everything from shingles and roof vents with storm resistant baffle systems, to engineered floor joists and onsite framing, and if the home is stucco be sure to look for the 6-step stucco process. Other things to look for include stucco garage jambs, quality garage doors, window well drains, and even something as obscure as a recessed dryer vent box add to the durability of a home. 

  6. The Details. What are the builder’s standard finishes and what features are considered upgrades? This on is tricky, but it’s the fun part! Here, you’ll look for things like hardwood flooring with wood flush mount heat registers, window sills (it’s true, some builders don’t include window sills), baseboard height, carpet pad, plumbing fixtures, wall tile, granite, kitchen cabinets, undermount kitchen sinks…you get the idea! 

  7. The Design. Does the builder offer you the ability to put your personal touch on your home? Do they have an in-house design consultant to help guide you through the process creating your home?

  8. Post-purchase Satisfaction. How will the builder service you after you close on the home? Ask about warranties and post-construction visits and follow-up. 

If you’d like to receive a detailed electronic version of our “Check Before You Buy” builder comparison worksheet, please send an email to with the subject line “Check Us Out.” We’ll be happy to provide our complimentary checklist where you can see how Vantage Homes compares. We’ll even give you space to check out up to three other builders. All on one handy checklist!

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