Spring Homeowner Maintenance Tips

Spring is in the air!  As you're getting ready for the season, there are also areas of your home that need attention in the coming months. Please take time to check out these 17 Tips Of Spring Advice courtesy of your Vantage Customer Care Team.  

  1. Clean and test smoke and CO detectors. 
  2. Test and reset ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) breakers.
  3. Change the furnace filter. This should be done every 60 days.
  4. Operate the air-conditioning system if installed. Be sure that the outdoor temp exceeds 65 degrees.
  5. Adjust registers and confirm that registers and cold-air returns are clear of furniture or draperies. 
  6. Make certain the air-conditioner compressor is level and clear of debris. 
  7. Pour water into uncommonly used drains. 
  8. Inspect grout and caulking around tile areas (especially at the shower seats) and touch up as necessary.
  9. Wash windows and screens, clean weep holes, and lubricate tracks with spray silicone.
  10. Check caulking, inside and out, and touch up as necessary.
  11. Check garage overhead door and lubricate all moving parts and springs with spray lubricant.
  12. Start and adjust sprinkler system. Make sure there is no further chance for freezing! Mother's Day is a good target.
  13. Test exterior faucets for leaks or broken pipes.
  14. Clean gutters and confirm that downspouts or splash blocks drain away from the house.
  15. Look for settling of backfill soils and fill in where needed.
  16. Check exterior paint and refinish as needed. Especially where snow has been allowed to settle.
  17. Caulk any concrete control joints that have cracked. SikaFlex is a favorite of ours.

If you're a Vantage Homeowner and have questions please refer to the "Caring for Your Home" section, in your Homeowner Manual, or you can always call our office for information and recommendations at 719-534-0984.  

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